Exciting! Wacom Releases Cintiq 13HD Touch

So as I am sitting here, sipping my coffee, I came across an article from Creative Bloq that made me grin. Two years after the release of the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Wacom finally released a version of the Cintiq that is combined with the Wacom Pen&Touch. This new graphics tablet allows for the use of a […]

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Inspiration on Pinterest

I often navigate to Pinterest to browse the Art and Design tabs, looking for inspiration that others have shared among the community. It really does make for some interesting finds, leading to hours upon hours of browsing and taking notes. Sometimes I will find a piece and study it for a while, writing notes in […]

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What’s on My Easel?

Here are the current WIPS that are on my “easel”. Very excited to see how the ones I am working on will turn out. I have also included a process sheet of the Chelle Concept Art piece. Enjoy! :)  

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74 Thoughts on Great Artists

Hi all! This past weekend has been incredibly busy and it seems like the flu is affecting everyone. I ended up sick on Thursday night and am just now trying to get over it, so my productivity in terms of my artwork has been incredibly limited. While I was laying in bed with my cat, […]

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Guest Speaker: Joe Hedges

A couple of weeks ago, my Professional Practices course had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Joe Hedges, a local artist from Cincinnati, OH. The basis of the discussion revolved around blogging as an artist and what it can mean in an artist’s career. Thankfully, blogging as an artists works well for me, since I […]

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Artist Statement

Art has always played an important role in my life since I was a little girl. My artwork always reflects who I am – not just as an artist, but also as an individual and proves that I am passionate about what I do. Many of my pieces are digital, because it’s my favorite medium, […]

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Welcome to MIsaacsArt.com!

After years of changing designs and fretting over the overall feel of my brand as a fine artist and designer, I have finally finished MIsaacsArt.com! This is the new website that will become my home on the internet, where I can post my musings, information that I have gathered from the internet, and a place […]

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